Staff and Board

A few of the community leaders who dedicate their time and expertise to further our mission of ending hunger in Coastal South Carolina.

President and CEO

Pat Walker
843.747.8146 x101

Community Initiatives

Chief Operating Officer
Erin Fisher
843.747.8146 x148

Child Hunger Programs Manager
Kara Moore
843.747.8146 x110

Director of Agency Relations
Joanna Bruno
843.747.8146 x115

Food Works Chef
Emily Cookson
843.747.8146 x113

Community Engagement Specialist
Ally Elrod-Bloom
843.747.8146 x116

Food Works Coordinator
Samantha Perez
843.747.8146 x156

Director of Programs
Melinda Waddell
843.747.8146 x112

Agency Relations Coordinator
Sydney Singhass
843.747.8146 x103

Production Kitchen Associate
Johnnie Gibson
843.747.8146 x113

Nutrition Manager
Dana Mitchel
843.747.8146 x122

Agency Relations Manager
Terry Acker
843.747.8146 x114

Nutrition Program Specialist
Autumn Reid
843.747.8146 x151

Nutrition Education Coordinator
Jennifer Reynolds

Child Hunger Programs Coordinator 
Rachel Allison
843.747.8146 x163                 

Nutrition AmeriCorps
Rachel Newcomb
843.747.8146 x107                               


Development and Communications

Chief Development Officer
Kathryn Douglas
843.747.8146 x104

Director of Fundraising and Corporate Engagement
Jessica Woolsey
843.747.8146 x162

Grants Manager

Kelly Kelley
843.747.8146 x154

Director of Major Gifts

Dennis Toney
843.747.8146 x102

Volunteer Manager
Andrew Peiffer
843.747.8146 x120

Donor Database Manager

Marketing Manager

Hailey Ezekiel
843.747.8146 x105

Volunteer Coordinator

Kevin Gravely
843.747.8146 x159

Creative Associate
Kim Stone
843.747.8146 x166 

Finance and Administration

Chief Financial Officer

Felicia Houston
843.747.8146 x117

Accounts Receivable Manager

Marianne Fortin
843.747.8146 x149

Executive Assistant

Melanie Johnson
843.747.8146 x155

Accounts Payable Manager

Nicole Brown
843.747.8146 x150

VP of Human Resources

Marian Logan
843.747.8146 x106

Administrative Assistant

Shawntrae Battle
843.747.8146 x100

Director of IT 
Misha Giric
843-747-8146 x158 

​​Finance Associate
Teri Magee
843-747-8146 x164

Facilities Manager
Don Capron
843-747-8146 x161


VP of Operations

Director of Procurement

Margaret Grant
843.747.8146 x109

Distribution Manager

Alicia Duffany
843.747.8146 x111

​​Food Resource Manager
Jamie McKanna
843.747.8146 x108

Inventory Manager

Douglas Raynor
843.747.8146 x123

Shipping & Receiving Manager

Darryl Johnson
843.747.8146 x157

Director of Warehouse & Logistics
Tony Howard
843.747.8146 x119

Transportation Manager
Chris Cissell
843.747.8146 x153

Warehouse Coordinator

Christopher Ellis
843.747.8146 x153

Warehouse Agency Specialist
Rofely Pichardo
843.747.8146 x118

Transportation Coordinator
Walt Gray

Retail Driver
Curtis Collins

Warehouse Agency Coordinator Brian Weathers

Wilmot Simmons

Warehouse Coordinator
Eddie Cardona

Warehouse Receiving Associate
Jason Layne

Maintenance Coordinator
Greg Weathers

Warehouse Associate / Driver

Frank Seitz

Warehouse Associate

Jermaine Smith

Warehouse Associate / Driver
Darron Knecht

Warehouse Associate/Driver 
Devin Durham

Warehouse Reclamation Coordinator

James Drass

Senior Retail Driver                        Chester Davis                

​​Warehouse Associate/Driver 
Jeffery Shelton


Yemassee Distribution Center – 843.589.4118

Regional Food Center Manager

Christopher Gillette

Warehouse Associate

Brett Dunbar

Warehouse Associate / Driver
Brandon Grant

Warehouse Agency Coordinator

Brenda Myers

Grand Strand Distribution Center – 843.448.0341

Regional Food Center Manager

Shayla Livingston

Warehouse Associate/Driver

Johnny Brown

Food and Fund Coordinator

Bryan Moore

Warehouse Agency Coordinator

Brian Hinger

Membership Coordinator

Barbara Miller

Warehouse Associate / Driver

Arthur Dionisio

Board of Directors

The Lowcountry Food Bank is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of representatives from the local community.

Shelley Yuhas - Chairman
Tiffany Crumpton - Vice-Chairman
Erik Glaser - Treasurer
Brett Hulsey - Secretary

Tyler Condon
Morgan Stanley

Tiffany Crumpton

Lindsey Douglas

Evie Evans
Evans Law, LLC

Erik Glaser
Glaser + Company

David Hood
The Law Offices of David L. Hood

Brett Hulsey
Shooting Star Creations

Frank Lapsley
North Charleston Coliseum, Performing Arts Center &Convention Center

Mark H. Mizell, CCIMBirchin Lane Realty Advisors, LLC 

Darryl Porter
ACP Drug Testing & Screening, LLC

Mike Smith

Shelley Yuhas  The Directions Group, Inc.