Eugenia's Story

Eugenia gets the help she needs

“I am so thankful for the support I receive.”

Eugenia made a living as a welder, raised nine children, and become a Gullah storyteller. She has an infectious smile, a spring in her step, and will happily tell you that she is 90 years young. However, Eugenia is now at a point in her life where social security is her sole source of income. She is often placed in a predicament many seniors know too well: she must choose between food and utilities or food and medical care.

Eugenia has come to rely on the services of a Lowcountry Food Bank feeding agency. Like many other seniors, she does not like asking for assistance. Eugenia is independent and often helps her friends by taking them to doctors’ appointments and with her to the Lowcountry Food Bank’s partner agency. “I still drive, and I always try to help myself and help others,” shares Eugenia. She is very grateful for the help she receives and says, “Without it, I would be lost.”

Eugenia’s positive attitude never waivers. She’s a favorite among her peers and the partner agency she frequents. And thanks to the support she receives, she no longer lives with food insecurity. Eugenia enthusiastically shares, “I am so thankful that I can come get food and help my neighbors in need. Thank you for opening your hearts to us!”

Your support allows us to help Eugenia and many others in our community. Thank you!

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